Seven Seas at the US Botanic Garden

As we near our closing date of Jan. 11, I’m looking back on some inadvertantly mermaid-themed things I did over the holidays.  The holiday exhibit at the US Botanic Garden closes in two days, but it took me around and under the seven seas last week.  Along with the plants, there are a variety of ships and lighthouses, plus some delightful windows into the undersea world.  Keep your eyes peeled—you might spot a mermaid!


Professional Mermaiding and the Environment

In this trailer for “Mission of Mermaids,” we get a peek at director Susan Rockefeller’s use of professional mermaid performance to promote environmental awareness.

For more insight into modern mermaiding, free diving, and underwater photography, check out this interview with professional mermaid Dana Richardson.

The Little Mermaid & The Environment

In 2008, Disney and the Ad Council worked together on this radio PSA campaign:

In Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo, a “Little Mermaid” story takes on the dark side of all the human rubbish that makes its way into the sea:

Of course, there’s plenty to be done to protect the underwater environment in our own community. Here are some recent articles about conservation and the problems facing the Chesapeake Bay:

Green building of the Brock Environmental Center

A little history on Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts and legal battles

New study shows economic benefits of cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay