Little Mermaid Bookwriter’s Newest Play

The Atlantic Theatre announced casting for its upcoming 2015 premiere of a new play by Little Mermaid book writer (and Pulitzer Prize winner) Doug Wright.

In Posterity, ‘Norway’s most celebrated sculptor ([Hamish] Linklater) is commissioned to create the last official portrait of the country’s most famous writer, but Henrik Ibsen ([John] Noble) proves to be an irascible, contentious sitter, as the two men wage war over both his legacy and his likeness. Doug Wright explores the nature of artistic success and the fear of being forgotten.'”


The Chesapeake Bay

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The Little Mermaid & The Environment

In 2008, Disney and the Ad Council worked together on this radio PSA campaign:

In Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo, a “Little Mermaid” story takes on the dark side of all the human rubbish that makes its way into the sea:

Of course, there’s plenty to be done to protect the underwater environment in our own community. Here are some recent articles about conservation and the problems facing the Chesapeake Bay:

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