Youth Dramaturgs Investigate “The Little Mermaid”

The youth dramaturgs offered insightful ideas that surprised both the director and me. They deeply identified with the Mermaid’s desire to be something more than herself—to go on adventures and see the world and to finally fit into a world that she so badly wanted to be a part of. The students also felt she may have made this decision out of rebellion—a stubborn refusal to follow the path that her father and grandmother laid out for her. Some of them also connected with the idea that perhaps the Mermaid was living a lie—that she was trying to live in a body that wasn’t indicative of who she really was.”

As a dramaturg who is not quite so young, I love this article by Meg Greene.  I hope that we can connect with our audiences—of all ages—in such a complex and compelling, yet playful, way.


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